On this page, you’ll find a detailed breakdown of my teaching experience, links to PDFs of a few sample syllabuses, and links to PDFs of teaching evaluations. 

I have experience teaching courses ranging from 300-student lectures to five-student seminars. No matter the size of the course, my primary goal is to create a sense of community in the classroom. I believe that the path to academic success is more instructive, more valuable, and more enjoyable when students and instructor work together to achieve common goals.

Another one of my goals in the classroom is to give texts from the history of Latin American thought the airtime they deserve. At times, this means teaching these texts in a standalone fashion - in the same way one might teach Plato’s Euthyphro or Descartes’s Meditations (see my PHIL 160 syllabuses directly below). It also means designing syllabuses that place texts, arguments, and ideas from the history of Latin American thought alongside texts, arguments, and ideas from the European traditions typically encountered in philosophy courses (see, e.g., my PHIL 33 syllabus directly below). 

Teaching Experience

As Instructor of Record

UCSD Philosophy
PHIL 28: Ethics and Society II, Winter 2024
PHIL 33: Philosophy Between Reason and Despair, Summer 2022

Grossmont College
PHIL 160: Latin American Philosophy, Spring Semester 2022, Spring Semester 2023

As Teaching Assistant
(* = as guest lecturer in addition to TA; # = online instruction)

UCSD Philosophy
PHIL 10: Introduction to Logic, Spring 2018, Summer 2019, Fall 2021, Fall 2023*
PHIL 27: Ethics and Society I, Summer 2020, Winter 2021#, Summer 2023#
PHIL 28: Ethics and Society II, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, Summer 2018, Spring 2021#
PHIL 31: Introduction to Ancient Greek Philosophy, Fall 2019, Fall 2022*
PHIL 32: Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science, Winter 2020*
PHIL 35: Philosophy of the Americas, Winter 2020*, Winter 2023*
PHIL 102: Hellenistic Philosophy, Spring 2024*
PHIL 155: Mexican Philosophy, Fall 2020#
PHIL 173: Topics in Bioethics, Summer 2020#

UCSD Revelle College Humanities Program
HUM 1: Foundations of Western Civilization, Winter 2019
HUM 2: Rome, Christianity, and the Middle Ages, Spring 2019
HUM 5: Modern Culture (1848 - Present), Spring 2020#


PHIL 28 syllabus [W 24]

PHIL 160 syllabus [SP 22]

PHIL 160 (online asynchronous) syllabus [SP 23]

PHIL 33 syllabus

Teaching Evaluations

Here is a link to
a peer evaluation of my PHIL 160 course
at Grossmont College by the Dean of the college of Arts and Humanities and Professor June Yang. And here is a link to
student evaluations of my PHIL 160 course

Here is a link to
student evaluations of my PHIL 33 course
taught during Summer Session II of 2022 at UCSD.